Our Story

“Because you deserve a better life”

Matxi Corp is started in 2017 and officially established in 2019. The brand has mad a great stride in the Vietnamese market in a short period of time and continues to reach out and penetrating into other countries in the region as well as in the world. The difference in our business philosophy has brought us the success.

We have started through with the effort of researching and optimizing the best quality products, bringing customers outstanding value of health and beauty, as well as sharing business opportunities. The business brings attractive income to tens of thousands of agents in Vietnam and many other countries.

Our success is the result of a creative business model, focusing in the interests of our customers and the experience of our partners. This made Matxi Corp a multinational corporation. Matxi Corp has developed a successful company system that works in many countries around the world, establishing a network of sales offices across five continents.

Our Vision

Become the leading multidisciplinary group in the region and reach out to the world.

Our Mission

Since the beginning of our journey, product quality is our main focus. Constantly developing, constantly reaching out to bring more practical values ​​to customers, members and partners is our top mission now and in the future.

Our Achievements

  • Matxi Corp has invested heavily in finance, human resources and technology transfer from MIIC Group (Malaysia).
  • Currently we are based in: Vietnam, Malaysia, United States and Korea.
  • As a strategic partner with research centers and manufacturing plants in the United States, Germany, South Korea and Malaysia to transfer technology, research and renovate the management and operation program to the strictest standards.
  • Owns Medino factory, one of 02 factories in Dong Nai and 20 factories in Vietnam that meet GMP standards (Standards of good manufacturing practices). In addition, the factory also meets the standards of: ISO 9001, 22000, HACCP.
  • The total number of members as of September 2019 is 20,000 globally and millions of customers use the product, this number is constantly growing.
  • In addition to the commitment to implement training policies, we ensure to bring safe and effective business efficiency quickly to members if following the training tower’s guidance roadmap.
  • At Matxi Corp, more than 95% of the members participating in the system are successful, have high incomes, attractive welfare regimes depending on capacity and sales.